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All events are organised by the charity SUPPORT OUR PARAS and assisted at each event by a Local Military Organiser who is an Officer from The Parachute Regiment. Paratroopers and local military units assist and volunteers provide welcome support as marshals and stewards.

Pegasus Company (P Company) is the selection for the Parachute Regiment, 1 of the tests is the 10 miler completed in under 1hr 50mins carrying 35lbs and carrying a weapon. It is this test that forms the foundation of the PARAS'10.

P Company

P Company Mission: To test physical fitness, determination and mental robustness, under conditions of stress, to determine whether an individual has the self discipline and motivation required for service with Airborne Forces.

P Company

P Company Courses: Pegasus Company's remit is to train and select all regular and reserve soldiers that volunteer to serve with airborne forces by conducting Pre Parachute Selection. Parachute Regiment recruits undergo Pre Parachute Selection Test Week in week 21 of their 28 week Combat Infantryman's Course. Parachute Regiment officers along with officers and soldiers from other airborne units attend All Arms Pre Parachute Selection; an arduous 4 week course of intensive physical training and core military skills, culminating with Pre Parachute Selection Test Week. Reserve soldiers from The 4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment and other reserve airborne units attend a condensed 4 day Pre Parachute Selection course tailored to their requirements.

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