Man running with dog on lead


Canicross trophy

Do you like to run with your dog? Then Canicross entry may be for you. Canicross is cross-country running with your dog for all breeds, any size, big or small.

All Canicross entrants must use a body harness/waist belt; this is more comfortable for you and your dog, and will enable hands free running.

Please note, the race start can get crowded and dogs may get over excited. Where possible, please move towards the front of the pack so your dog does not get too penned in.

Canicross entries will start with the runners. It is possible to TAB with your dog, but you will still start with the runners for safety reasons. Trophies are awarded to 1st male and 1st female Canicross runner.

Canicross entry is available for both Colchester and Catterick events.

Fighting Fit Junior Trophy for U19s Parachute Regiment