Catterick Virtual

  • Date: Tue 01 Sep 2020 to Sun 06 Sep 2020
  • This event has finished

Virtual PARAS'10 Catterick

Finally, it’s here. We’re missing you at PARAS’10, but we’re determined not to let COVID-19 beat us. We hope this virtual event makes up for the live events we have lost.

To thank you for your loyalty, the Virtual PARAS’10 2020 is FREE, although we would love any donations you can make when registering – we have lots of soldiers, veterans and families hurting right now due to COVID.

You can also set up an online donation page at

Up for the Virtual Challenge? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Register online (it’s free!)
  • Do your RUN/TAB on any day 1-6 Sep 2020
  • You must do 10 miles distance in one go, as you would at the real event
  • If you want to compete for a trophy, you must also do a minimum of 1000 feet elevation – we are keeping it real as that’s what Catterick is about – hills!
  • If your area is totally flat, then 10 miles will get you a time, but not a trophy. But look for bridges, stairs, small hill reps to get the elevation in.
  • Individual trophies for M/MV F/FV in RUN and TAB. (No Team, Canicross or kids, sorry). These will be engraved silver salvers.
  • TABBERS – we trust you. We can’t weigh you, so 35lb bergen and boots please and be honest about it, or your conscience will torment you forever!
  • When you have finished and had a beer, put your feet up and submit your data here (name, date, time, distance, elevation data)
  • Then you MUST email in the proof from your Strava, Garmin etc. to No proof, no place in the results, no trophy.
  • Get your data and proof in no later than Sunday 6th Sept 2300hrs.
  • We will produce a results table online like normal – just give us some time as we are very busy.

This is what we will do:

  • Email you a Certificate to say you’ve done Catterick COVID PARAS’10
  • If you have sent data + proof, we will send you an embroidered souvenir Catterick patch
  • As the event is free, we are not giving out medals or T-shirts BUT there will be a special edition Catterick COVID T-shirt available to purchase from the Airborne Shop. Please reserve your size when you register to be sure of getting one.

Good luck!