Colchester Virtual

  • Date: Sun 01 Nov 2020 to Sun 08 Nov 2020
  • This event has finished

Virtual PARAS'10 Colchester

The Voice of the PARAS’10 public has spoken. We will be holding a Virtual Colchester 2020, for Individuals and Teams of 4 (all 4 times count). You will get your individual time and a chance of winning a trophy, plus if you are in a team you also get to share in a possible Team trophy. Also all entrants will receive a special edition Churchill medal commemorating the 80th anniversary of Churchill’s call for 5000 paratroopers in 1940.

Up for the Virtual Challenge? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter online
  • Entry will be £10. Please donate a little extra if you can for our charity.
  • There will be an absolute limit of 1200 places
  • You can do your event on any day Sun 1 to Sun 8 November.
  • You must register BEFORE you do your event. Entries will close at midnight Sat 31 October.
  • You must do 10 miles, TAB or RUN, only once. You cannot do both.
  • NO elevation required. Virtual Colchester is even flatter than the real place!
  • You must submit your time online to google docs AND send proof of distance and ELAPSED time by email to by 2300hrs Mon 09 Nov. NB: must be ELAPSED time, not Moving time, on Strava.
  • Your TAB weight of 35lbs/17kg will be taken on trust by the PARAS’10 community – please don’t betray it by cheating
  • No Kids race

Individuals & Teams

  • You enter as an INDIVIDUAL
  • You may also enter as part of a TEAM of 4 in TAB or RUN. No mixed teams allowed. ONLY 4 counts as a Team – not 3 or 5
  • Team members do not need to run together, on the same day, or even the same continent. You are Virtual Teams in a Virtual Colchester!
  • When you enter as an Individual, if you are also part of a Team, you MUST enter your Team name as well. You cannot do it later. So sort out your team with your mates before entering and agree a good, identifiable name
  • The aggregate of all 4 times will count
  • If one team member fails to submit a time, then the Team will not be eligible, but your Individual times will still be in the results
  • Individuals may win a trophy as well as be part of a winning team


  • Individual Trophies for M/MV, F/FV in TAB and RUN (MV is 50+ FV 40+)
  • Team trophies for Male and Female TAB and RUN (Teams can mix Seniors and Vets)
  • No Canicross trophy but you can run with dogs
  • We will send you a Colchester 2020 Medal with the special edition 80th Anniversary design
  • Maroon T-shirts and Colchester 2020 bergen patches will be available to buy from the Airborne Shop


You have the chance to set up a JustGiving page in the registration process to support our charity Support our Paras. We appreciate anyone who can help us support our soldiers, veterans and families in these hard times.