Dress & Equipment

Running Race: No specialist running equipment is required for the Paras' 10. The route is unsuitable for running spikes; trainers are advised.

PARAS'10 TAB: To enter the PARAS'10 TAB, entrants require a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lbs (16 Kg), long trousers (not tights) and a pair of military or hiking type boots with ankle support.

Boots: Boots must be worn in the PARAS'10 TAB, not trainers. With the added bergen weight you need the stability that they give. Boots should be worn in prior to the race and must have ankle support; military boots or hiking boots are ideal.

Bergens: For training, start with less weight and build up to 35lbs. Weight can be made up using bags of sand or metal weights and should be wrapped in something soft like a sleeping bag to cushion your back. Keep the weight high and close to your back.

Equipment Advice PDF

Fighting Fit Junior Trophy for U19s Parachute Regiment