Arnhem Virtual PARAS'10 01-08 October 2022

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Arnhem Virtual PARAS'10

The Battle of Arnhem, or Op Market Garden 1944, was an ambitious airborne attempt to end the Second World War early, and was made famous by the 1977 film A Bridge Too Far. Legend says the 10 miler in the PARAS’10 is the distance the paratroopers had to travel on foot from the Drop Zone to the Bridge.

If you wish to enter VIRTUAL ARNHEM 2021, here’s how:

  • Entry will be £15. Please donate a little extra if you can for our charity.
  • There will be an absolute limit of 250 places.
  • You can do your event on any day Sat 1 – Sat 8 October.
  • You must register BEFORE you do your event.
  • Entries will close at midnight Fri 30 September, or earlier if the limit is reached.
  • You must do 10 miles, TAB or RUN, only once. You cannot do both.
  • 10 Miles + 0 feet elevation – it’s a flat course, although it was anything but easy in 1944.
  • Your TAB weight of 35lbs/16kg will be taken on trust by the PARAS’10 community – please don’t betray it by cheating.
  • No Kids race.
  • You enter as an individual and each entrant will receive a limited edition medal on submission of their race proof.

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