Colchester Virtual 2023 27 May - 3 June 2023

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PARAS'10 Virtual Colchester 2023

After the cancellation of our Live event due to operational pressure on the serving Regiment, we wanted to offer those who had been training hard for the race, the opportunity to still be recognised for their efforts. This is where the Virtual comes in.

The event will be held between 27 May to 3 June 2023 and you can complete your 10 miles at any point during this time. You must do 10 miles, TAB or RUN, only once (you cannot do both), but there is no elevation requirement.

If you are tabbing, your weight of 35lbs/16kg will be taken on trust by the PARAS’10 community so be honest – Paratroopers have complete trust in their comrades, so please no cheating.

After the event there are two important things to complete:

  1. Submit your time via the Google Form here to get your name on the results table.
  2. To generate your limited-edition PARAS’10 patch, you need to send proof of distance and elapsed time* by email to by 2300hrs on Sunday 4 June.

*must be ELAPSED time, not MOVING time.

Entries are limited to 200 and every entrant will receive a limited-edition PARAS’10 Colchester 2023 patch upon receipt of your race proof.

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