Roman Rampage 22 March 2025

Roman Rampage

Standby to traverse the Pendulum, wade through Caesar’s Crossing & battle through the Green Zone in this new PARAS’10 event. Get ready for mud, blood, sweat and tears.

Join us for a brand new, all-terrain, demanding course through the heart of Britain’s oldest recorded city and the Roman River.

Colchester was a garrison town long before the PARAS arrived, with the Romans calling Camulodunum their home in AD43. No longer the site of Roman occupation, Friday Woods is better known as the home turf of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.

This event will be a 3-mile loop in Friday Woods, covering terrain the PARAS have operated in over the years, with entrants having the choice of doing one, two or three loops.

BE WARNED, it will be hilly, it will be muddy, it will be wet. This event is open to anybody over the age of 16 but is unsuitable for Canicross.


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