Frequently Asked Questions

Before the race

Can I enter as an inidividual?
What is the minimum age to take part?
When will I receive my race number and timing chip?
I can no longer take part. Can I get a refund or transfer the entry?
Do I have to support a charity?
Where can I find advice on training?
Will late entries be accepted, including on the day?
Can I run the route before race day?
Is there a time limit?

On the race day

How do I get to the start?
Where is the car parking?
Are there any toilets or showers?
Where can I store my kit?
Where are the drink stations?
Can I bring my own special drinks? Can I carry a drinks bottle?
Do both the run and TAB start together?
Where do I get my medal?
What is the PARAS'10 Passport?
Do the Race Organisers Provide Bergens/Rucksacks?
Are there any specific regulations regarding bergen size/shape, is there any advice on making the bergen comfortable?
Are there any specific regulations regarding boots worn for the P Company TAB element of the PARAS'10?