P Company Test Week

Pegasus Company runs the Pre Parachute Selection Test Week which consists of 8 separate events over a five day period. 7 events are scored, one (the Trainasium) is a straight pass/fail. Each event is designed to assess a candidate's physical fitness, mental robustness and determination. A candidate who fails to display the appropriate level of self discipline and motivation throughout Test week will fail the course. Test week starts on a Wednesday morning and will finish the following Tuesday.

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The tests are as follows:

[1]. 10 Miler

The 10-mile march is conducted as a squad, over undulatiing terrain with each candidate carrying a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds.(+ water) and a weapon. The march must be completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes. TA candidates have 2 hours.

[2]. Trainasium

An 'Aerial Confidence Course' unique to P Company; which assess students ability to overcome fear and carry out simple activities and instructions at heights in excess of 40ft - replicating the conditions of stress associated with a parachute descent. The event is a straight PASS/FAIL.

[3]. Log Race

A team event with 8 perspective paratroopers carrying a 60 kg log (1/2 of a telegraph pole) over a distance of 1.9 miles over undulating terrain.

[4]. Steeplechase

An individual test with candidates running against the clock over a 1.8 mile cross country course. The course features a number of 'water obstacles' and having completed the cross country element, candidates must negotiate an 'Assault Course' to complete the test.

[5]. 2 Mile March

The 2-mile march is conducted over undulating terrain with each individual carrying a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds (+ water) and a weapon. A helmet and combat jacket is also worn. The march must be completed in 18 minutes or under.

[6]. Endurance March

A squadded march conducted over 20 miles of severe terrain. Each individual carries a bergen (Back Pack) weighing 35 pounds (+ water & food) and a weapon.

[7]. Stretcher Race

Teams of 16 men carry a 175 pound stretcher over a distance of 5 miles. No more than 4 men carry the stretcher at any given time. Students wear webbing and carry a weapon.

[8]. Milling

The final event of Test Week. 60 seconds of 'controlled physical aggression' against an opponent of similar height and weight.

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