PARAS'10 TAB are you tough enough?

For those seeking an even tougher race!

TAB stands for Tactical Advance to Battle. The Parachute Regiment challenges you to attempt the 10 Mile ‘P’ Company Cross Country Route, carrying a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food water) and wearing long trousers with ‘military style’ or hiking boots with ankle support. Competitors rucksacks will be weighed before and after the race, by race officials.

The Route

A multi-terrain endurance event, the race will follow the same route as the 10 mile run. There will be water stations located along the route and at the start and finish. The First Aid Station will be located at Race Control with a roving back up facility. NB. The route is not suitable for wheelchairs, in exceptional circumstances an application may be made to the organisers, but please do not enter until that has been agreed.

Medals & T-Shirts

Medals and T-Shirts will be awarded to all who finish the course.


Why not let someone benefit from your pain and hard work on The PARAS’10 by raising money for a worthwhile cause? Find out more about supporting the charity behind The PARAS’10.


At Catterick it is an active military training area used to prepare troops and vehicles for operations across the world. This training is affected when runners use the area without correct authority and for safety reasons, training will stop until runners are removed. At Colchester, part of the route is on secured military land, with no public access. Please do not try to walk or run either route prior to the race.